Hi! I’m MaAnna. It’s a Southern name, pronounced May Anna, like Joanna.

I’m committed to bringing non-geeks, like you, the tools and information that will help you become a confident and successful site owner to actually achieve your online business goals.


Join me in a live class or consult on WordPress, SEO, content, and conversion that is targeted to your unique site and audience.

I can help you make more money with a member site too.

Or, learn at your own pace with my Video Tutorials. There are over 130 videos in 2 libraries, plus loads of YouTube videos. (I REALLY LOVE making videos!)

Every day I teach and talk about:

  • WordPress
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion
  • Membership sites
  • Security and performance

As an old coder, I enjoy keeping on top of site security and performance. And I delight in hearing the relief in a site owner’s voice when they put my qualified set of eyes on their site to make it safe and running at max with a Site Audit.

Need a Geek to Speak to your peeps? Yeah, I love doing that too!! Any topic, any format, any audience.