Yvonne HeimannYvonne Heimann

I was born and lived 24 years of my life in Germany til I decided it was time for a change.

I would say I am a geek..not quite a nerd yet.
I build websites, I don’t program them.
I love Photoshop, but not Illustrator.
I like photography and have no clue about lighting.


Professional history:

Yvonne Heimann started her career in online media as social networking started to emerge.
As a specialist in utilizing Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube and other Internet-based marketing approaches, Yvonne has helped many companies and individuals improve their web presence.

Through her business Ask Yvi, she receives countless calls from business owners that have lost control of their web site, and in some cases can’t even find the web designer. Putting her main focus on customized WordPress sites, Yvonne helps clients take charge of their online presence at AskYvi.com

You can find Tips & Tricks, How-To’s and much more on her blog at YourCanDoGeek.com

In 2011 Yvonne was brought on-board CCD Expo to manage the daily social network marketing, help in day-to-day operations, and act as an assistant to the Executive Director. Yvonne was an essential part of the success of the CCD Expo which mostly relied on word-of-mouth, and Social Media to reach its 1.200 guests that attended.

Having studied in Europe for many years, Yvonne has a background in accounting, business management, and, believe it or not, trained as an electrician. Having learned three languages, Yvonne communicates with clients on multiple continents and is working to bridge online media across all platforms and locations.

Yvonne is straight-forward and a bit sassy captivating and building her loyal audience in seconds.
Her refreshing openness will provide you with knowledge and resources in areas like Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, WordPress and Search Engine Optimization.