Susan FinchI want to share what I’m learning, how it can be applied to your success path and allow you to share your new knowledge.

My background is primarily in PR/Marketing & Advertising. I’ve been in it since 1985. I have taken a couple of detours: I had an antique business BEFORE eBay – ahhh, those were the days for pickers to drive, discover, procure, and resell. The HUNT for the TREASURES.

Jumped out of that, back into marketing and then another detour into retail. I had a fine art gallery in Laguna Beach from 1992-1996. Enough retail and I dove back into PR which led me to the Internet, website design, marketing and tying it all together. Content, beautiful content, thoughtful writing and images. I was home.

This is where I fit:

  • Graphic design for all social media venues and branding, includes logo design/packages.
  • Training materials, including custom videos for your tasks, software, customers.
  • Event ideas, planning, promotion – especially as it relates to strategic volunteering.
  • 15|30|60 second spots for your site – intros, quick sound bites, PSAs
  • Converting your audio files, podcasts, radio shows to video and helping to write the recap.
  • Helping you gather your online access for social media and cleaning up how they all go together and work with your site content and overall message.
  • Trade Show event interviews and promotions.

I’m probably online/available to hear all of the alerts, bleeps, respond to +susanfinch mentions 16 hours a day. I truly wish a day had 30 hours so I could do more of what I love away from screens: teach K-8 art in our children’s school. We’ve been doing it for six years and helping with the auction projects each year. I’m so proud of our school and the leaps in technology they have achieved and inspired across the country! Our students are assigned the task of crating these modules for other students like them across the country.

Every day is a joy to leap to my desk and get started for my clients!


Some tips I think you will find helpful:

Are you getting the most mileage out of your web content and video/audio events?

5 Mistakes Women Make in Communication

Be natural, you can’t help but succeed

Planning for a crisis – Flight or Fight

Networking with Class – escaping hostage situations


I’m a mother, wife first. Our two children keep me entertained and on my toes when I’m not refereeing. Our two PixieBob cats thunder around the house when they are not begging to get attention. Since we are in Oregon, I spend as much time outside as I can and will go to work at 4 just to have an afternoon off for hiking or using power tools in the yard. I have a LOVE for Hatch Chiles: I love tormenting my neighborhood by ordering 10# every year and roasting them outside, bagging and savoring for the coming year!

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