How to avoid getting the worst tech advice

We get desperate when things don’t work, we try to solve the issues ourselves since we can find so many helpful pieces of advice on the web… or are they? Be careful.

Do you go to the gas station and ask the attendant for restaurant recommendations? How do you know what they usually eat, their […]

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Business Continuity Plan to help you sleep better

This is part two of our BCP Business Continuity Plan or Business Recovery Plan Guide

The previous episode covered more of the technical side of it all: equipment, databases, online assets. We reminded you to go back to episode 1: Gathering your assets and the worksheets linked in those episodes. This show is only 20 […]

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Technical Checklist for Disaster Recovery Plan

We are continuing this journey that started with gathering your assets, back up systems and now we get to the heavier stuff. One of the most overlooked items for most business owners have is a Disaster Recovery Plan – also known as a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) or your “HIT BY A BUS” plan. […]

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Back ups are more than a click in wp-admin – get the details.

Everything you need to know about backing up your site. Even if you think your backup solution is good, watch this video to make sure. We cover all the things you need to backup, how often, when to take manual backups, storage options, costs for storing, backup plugins vs 3rd party services, and so […]

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Creative ways to use Google Drive, forget Dropbox!

Email thread attachment Hell, storage, sharing, permission issues – “GOOGLE DRIVE – TAKE ME AWAY!” We have strong opinions on Google Drive vs. Dropbox and even Box. They are all secure, yes, but Dropbox and Box both have big limitations, can be confusing, are not collaborative, as well as resource pigs. Most of this […]

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