We all have a pile of online profiles. Some we rarely use, so they are easy to neglect or forget. Add this to your first quarter todo list: Find all online profiles and review them.

Are the images current and consistent for business? Are the statements still accurate? Do the links still work if you have included links?

We’ll take you through the list and show you a few you may have completely forgotten because you never login. Get your list out, check your list of passwords to see where you login and where you may have a profile. It’s more than just social media. This includes Chambers of Commerce websites and other local networking organizations.
We know you should only have about five or six navigation buttons on your site, in addition to the ancillary items. But what about sub menus? What about mobile versions? We’re going to give you some tips and tricks to keep them on your site and able to follow the path you want them on to learn more about your business, products and services. It’s not about adding layers of submenus. Don’t take clicks for granted and assume they’ll want to know more and dig for info. Make it easy for them and direct them to the products or services where you make the most money.